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Your office rental in Burnaby: A 10-point checklist to bring on your search

If you are hunting for an office rental in Burnaby, you will find yourself with a sea of options… So how do you narrow the number of options to something more manageable?

To start, use our checklist of 10 points to address. If an option does not meet your needs in relation to these 10 points, cross it off your list – no viewing necessary. This will not only narrow your choices but help ensure that the offices you do view are the best possible fits for your business needs.

The 10 points to address when looking for an office rental in Burnaby

1. What amenities and utilities are included?

It is vital to know what is covered in an office’s rent and what is not as this will make a significant difference in your overall monthly costs. For example, if the price of one office rental in Burnaby is higher than your other options, but includes the internet and utilities, the overall cost per month could end up being lower. In order to determine which Burnaby office rental is the best deal, make sure you have up-to-date prices on all utilities and amenities.

2. Are the location and space accessible?

You want to make sure that your clients can make it to your office, as well as move around within it. Make sure you consider shared spaces too, including bathrooms. There is no point in having an accessible office, in a building with inaccessible bathrooms.

3. Is there parking for your clients?

Look into whether or not your clients will have access to parking. This is especially important if your office rental in Burnaby is not in a high foot traffic area.

4. Is this a lease or a month-to-month rental?

You want to know the commitment you are making. If you are looking at a lease, make sure you will be able to afford the rent for the entire length of the term. For a month-to-month rental, check how much notice is required for you or your landlord to terminate the agreement.

5. What is the building’s class?

A building’s class is associated with its quality and desirability. You want to check that the class lines up with the feel you are trying to create and the clients you are planning to appeal to.  

6. Is furniture included?

Once again, this allows you to address the overall costs associated with your office rental in Burnaby. If furniture is included, take a look at it, making sure it fits with your style and clientele.   

7. Who has access to the boardroom?

Even if there is a boardroom, you cannot assume you get access to it, so double check that it is available to you. Also look at the protocols around booking the space to make sure that it is practical with your scheduling practices.

8. Is there the possibility of getting more space, if needed?

The last thing you want to do is sign a lease and spend money on moving into an office rental in Burnaby only to outgrow it a few months later. To avoid this situation, check that you will have the option of expanding your space in the building, should you need to.   

9. What is the ambience?

The ambience is key in an office rental in Burnaby, especially if you will be seeing clients there. That is why it is important to spend some time in your potential workspace. Make sure you are comfortable with the decor, the staff, and other businesses in the building. Also, make certain that the environment is conducive to you doing your work.

10. What is the management style of the building?

Check what to expect on the management side, including what kinds of support and maintenance will be available to you. You want to ensure what is on offer fits with your expectations.  

While these 10 points are important, the best thing you can do when searching for an office rental in Burnaby is to take your time.

Do not feel rushed to make a decision. Instead, take the time you need to run through the whole 10 point checklist, as well as get a feel for the space. 

If you need help finding office rentals in Burnaby, drop us a line or give us a call. Once you have found a rental space you like, make sure to ask these key questions and address these lease related concerns.

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