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Why building class matters to your search for an office for rent in Burnaby

When searching for the right office for rent in Burnaby, you should be looking for a space that reflects the professional standards you would like to present to your clients.

The offices available at BOSS Business Centres are located in a Class A building – but what does that entail and how does it affect your work life, and your business?

Most office buildings are classified under a three-tiered system that makes it easy for people to distinguish the services that a building provides (or doesn’t provide).

Buildings are assigned a class based on:

  • Location
  • Rental rates
  • Amenities
  • Age of the building
  • Construction materials and design

Class A

A Class A office building is defined by the Building Owners and Management Association of Canada as being “the most prestigious buildings with the most amenities in the best locations.”

Class A buildings represent the best of the best when it comes to rentable office space. They provide top quality services such as professional management, good access, and are located in desirable neighbourhoods.

BOSS Business Centres offers clients everything a Class A business should including amenities such secure parking, private meetings rooms, bookable boardrooms, administrative support, and a rooftop patio.

Classes B & C

Class B office buildings are considered adequate for a wide range of users without providing those extra perks, such as those at BOSS.

Class B buildings might be farther away from highways or transit infrastructure, or older structures without the same design standards and up-to-date systems that a Class A building would include.

Class C buildings are the lowest grade available for useable office buildings. They are old buildings located in less desirable neighbourhoods with little to no amenities and utilize obsolete technology.

While Class C buildings may seem like a bargain on the surface, expect to pay extra for everything else your business will need, besides four walls and a roof.

Source: BOMA Canada

Why a Class A building is the best choice for your office for rent in Burnaby

At BOSS Business Centres we believe that renting in a Class A office space is the best solution for your business needs. A Class A space will allow your business to operate efficiently and professionally to optimize your operation.

BOSS Business Centres owner Julian Clark sums up the attitude of a Class A office space best when he says, “We like to make sure our service and our space are things clients can be proud to call their own.”

Looking for an office for rent in Burnaby, that will take your business to the next level? BOSS has offices of all sizes available. Email us to create a customized business office solution for you today, or call 604-415-4788.

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