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The 7 essential features of a counselling office space for rent

In terms of office spaces, there are certain needs all businesses share. When you are a therapist looking for counselling office space for rent, however, we know that there are some unique features you require not only to meet your own and your clients’ needs but also your professional responsibilities.

At BOSS Business Centres, we have several offices that are designed specifically to be counselling office spaces for rent. Use this list of essential features of a counselling office to help you on your search for the perfect space.  

The 7 essential features to look for in a counselling office space for rent

1. A friendly welcome

When you are looking at counselling office spaces for rent, pay attention to the reception area. To start, there should be one – and it should be managed by a friendly, yet professional, receptionist.

As this receptionist will be the first face your clients see when they arrive at your office space, you want to ensure he or she is able to both greet your clients and provide them with any paperwork that needs to be filled out.

Finally, you want to be sure that the receptionist you will be working with understands the confidential nature of your work.

2. A quiet waiting area

Either by the reception or just outside your office, you want to make certain there is a waiting area for your clients. Look for this area to be quiet and have little through traffic.     

3. Warm, soothing lighting

Once clients enter your office, you want them to immediately be put at ease. The quickest way to do that is through your lighting. Look for warm, soothing lighting to help your clients feel comfortable and calm.   

4. Comfortable seating

Comfortable seating is another way to put clients at ease. When checking out counselling office space for rent, keep an eye out for living room type chairs. This will give your office the feel of a home that clients want to spend time in rather than a doctor’s office where they have to get a medical examination.

5. Soundproofing  

Confidentiality is key for therapists. The only way to ensure that confidentiality is by getting a soundproofed office. Given the importance of confidentiality in your work, we suggest checking the quality of the soundproofing in every location you visit.

6. Flexible scheduling

Most therapists do not keep 9-5 schedules. You may work before or after office hours, on weekend, or even keep your appointments to two to three days a week.

No matter your situation, check to make sure a counselling office space for rent can accommodate your scheduling needs.

Double check that you will have a receptionist for all your work hours.

7. A bathroom sanctuary

Having considered the atmosphere at reception, in the waiting area, and in your office, do not overlook the bathroom. After all, when clients go to the bathroom, you do not want the calm, welcoming environment you have built for them to be shattered.

Before renting an office, make sure that the bathroom has a sanctuary-esque quality, so clients feel comfortable taking a minute there before entering a session or transitioning back to their daily lives.

It may seem like there is a lot to consider in relation to counselling office space for rent. At the end of the day, however, these seven essential features all revolve around making your clients feel welcome and accepted, allowing them to open up to you while protecting their privacy.

If you need help finding a counselling office space for rent that meets all your needs, contact the friendly team at BOSS Business Centres in Burnaby.

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