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The 6 things your Burnaby office rental should do for you

Having an office space that provides more than just a desk for you and your team can improve efficiency, impress clients and make your staff happier.

At BOSS Business Centres, we strive to provide our clients with those thoughtful extra touches that help you and your business thrive.

There are a few things that office spaces can offer that will up your professional game and help create the ideal supportive office community. Here are six things your office rental in Burnaby should do for you:

1. Boost your business’ image or reputation.

Your corporate location forms a foundation for your business’ image and reputation. At BOSS Business Centre they offer a Class A office space that is modern and professional, and is sure to deliver an excellent first impression for all of your clients.

2. Provide shared services.

In this shared economy world, you should take advantage of those sharing services that make most sense for your business. For example, in the event that you require reception services, why hire and pay for a full-time receptionist when business centres can provide that for little extra cost? The same holds true for the provision of internet, telecom, printing and scanning services, and even administrative services. BOSS provides access to all of these services as part of your rental agreement.

3. Offer additional amenities for staff and clients.

Some office spaces provide additional amenities which might be important for you. Is there meeting space available for you to use when you need it? Is there accessible parking? Does your lease include the use of a fully equipped gym? Is there exclusive outdoor space for tenants? Again, BOSS offers access to all of these services in their building.

4. Purpose and provide specific furnishings.

Your purpose in having a business office will define your ideal type of furnishings and decor. Are you a counsellor who needs privacy, soft lighting, and comfortable seating, or perhaps a tech startup where many tables and whiteboards would be ideal? BOSS Business Centre can and will customize your office so that it suits your specific needs.

5. Create a community that supports and grows your business.

Will you be looking for more than just the four walls around you in your business setting? Business centres consist of a diverse set of businesses and, if cultivated, this environment can offer a wonderful community with plenty of opportunities for mutually beneficial networking. Creating a sense of community is important at BOSS. They host muffin days in the common area, so clients can grab a quick bite together, and wine and cheese nights in December.

6. Give your business the flexibility it needs to grow.

How long do you need to commit for? Can you change office sizes during your term? How much notice do you need to provide to exit your rental? Business centres offer much more flexible terms than leasing directly. Clients of BOSS only sign month-to-month agreements in order to give them greater flexibility during periods of growth and change.

We provide businesses with customized solutions to fit your unique needs, with business office services, amenities and spaces that work for you. Contact us about moving your business to BOSS Business Centres in Burnaby, next to the Production Way-University Skytrain station.

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