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Entrepreneurs: How to boost your corporate presence at BOSS Business Centres

Entrepreneurs, we know that you are always focused on how to expand your business.

One of the key ways to spark that expansion is by growing your corporate presence. But that can be hard to do, especially while working from home or on the road.

That is why we at BOSS Business Centres are here to help!

Why we at BOSS Business Centres prioritize helping you grow your corporate presence

Over our many years working with entrepreneurs at our BOSS Business Centers, we have seen the way a strong corporate presence can transform a business. But why does this happen? And how can a corporate presence help you?

A strong corporate presence helps you make the best impression on your clients and potential clients. While your corporate presence does not change the quality of your work, it can influence how that work is perceived. Many clients and potential clients have greater confidence in companies and professionals with a strong corporate presence.

A corporate presence can also assist you with your work. With a corporate presence comes administrative support. That administrative support allows you to focus on your work rather than on mundane office tasks.

How BOSS Business Centres can help you grow your corporate presence

1. A prestigious address

Location matters when it comes to instilling confidence in your clients. When you work with BOSS Business Centres, you have a prestigious address in a central location. So make sure your address always makes a great first impression with BOSS Business Centres!  

2. Professionally handled calls

When you are an entrepreneur, it is impossible to always be available to answer the phone. Having calls consistently go to voicemail, however, can give clients a poor impression. At BOSS Business Centres, you always have professional support staff there to handle your phone calls during business hours.

3. Elegant meeting spaces

We believe that meeting spaces should be functional and inspiring. That is why we have created elegant spaces for you to meet with clients. Now, you can impress them with your ideas – and your corporate presence!

4. Administrative support

Time is a commodity for entrepreneurs. Instead of spending your precious time on mundane tasks like copying, printing, scanning, let us take care of these for you. That way, you are able to concentrate on the work only you can do, like growing your business and dealing with clients.

Based in Burnaby? Look at a month-to-month rental with BOSS Business Centres! Want to speak further about your specific needs? We are always happy to create a personalized office solution just for you.

501 - 3292 Production Way, Burnaby, BC V5A 4R4
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