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27 questions you should ask when looking for an office for rent in Burnaby

When selecting a new office space for your business, there are many factors to consider before entering into a rental agreement.

In order to ensure you have found the right fit, we created a checklist of 27 essential questions you should ask before signing on the dotted line.

Location and convenience

  1. Is the office close for you, and easy for clients to access?
  2. Is it easily accessed by car or by public transit?
  3. Is it in a traffic congestion zone?
  4. Is the facility available to you and your guests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

Class of building

5. What is the building class? Class helps define the age of the building and its systems and infrastructure, whether the building is professionally managed, and whether the building is located in a more desirable area.

Upkeep and maintenance

6. Is the building, facility, and the general area well-maintained?
7. Are carpets cleaned regularly, walls painted, lighting replaced when needed, and the garbage picked up on the premises?

What is included

8. Will additional services cost extra, in addition to the monthly rental rate, or are these services included in the price?
9. Does the rent include:

a. Furniture?
b. Internet?
c. Telephone?
d. Reception services?
e. Use of common areas?
f. Coffee and tea service, or a small kitchenette for staff use?
g. Parking?

10. What is the required security deposit?

Common areas

11. Are all of the common areas available to tenants?
12. How busy are those spaces? When considering square footage, common areas count!


13. How long is the commitment or lease?
14. Can you change office size during your term?
15. How much notice do you need to provide to exit your rental?


16. Who are the other tenants and how much will you have in common with
17. Does the facility encourage a community where tenants know each other and refer business to each other?

Lighting, furnishings and decor

18. Your space strongly contributes to your image. Is there ample natural light?
19. Is the furniture and decoration professional and current?
20. Is the furniture included in the cost of the lease or rent?


21. Does the facility have parking in the building?
22. Is there a bike lock-up, outdoor space, and/or a fully equipped gym?
23. Are there restaurants in the area?
24. Are there parks nearby? Somewhere to go for a walk?

Facility management

25. Is the facility managed by an owner or employee?
26. How responsive do you think they will be to your needs?
27. Who makes decisions on pricing, service quality, exceptions, etc.?

BOSS Business Centres offer an all-inclusive business solution for entrepreneurs and small business owners, that is tailored to your business’ size and needs. Our facility includes access to a wide range of services and amenities, such as shared reception and administrative support, boardrooms, a fully equipped gym, and a rooftop patio. We conveniently located next to the Production Way-University Skytrain station and Highway 7, making your commute a breeze. Get in touch, to get started.

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